Cloth Diaper Basics

Part-Time Cloth Diapering: Allie's Story, Jill's Story
Dad's Perspective 
Cloth Diapering with an Unsupportive Family
Cloth Diapering without a Washing Machine
Cloth Diapers and the WAHM
Full-time Cloth Diapering and daycare

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm new to the cloth diapering world, and all the lingo gets overwhelming. It helps to have so much great info in one place.

  2. Hi Jenny, I wondered if you knew of a person who replaces All in One Bum Genius elastic around the legs of the diapers? I had all of my pocket bum genius replaced by a person (in Kansas City, MO) who did not do the AIO. Wondered if you had a recommendation. Mine are shot on the AIO.


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