It's Time To Say Goodbye

In 2012 I started this blog out of passion for cloth diapers and boredom as a stay at home mom of one. I needed a project, some way to use my brain and share my love for all things cloth diapers. Almost 8 years and two kids later, I still yearn for a way to utilize my brain, but unfortunately the time I once had to devote to this site just isn't there.

I am so thankful for this blog. It served me in a season of my life that I needed it, as a mental exercise, a way to find community, and monetarily to my family. I met so many of you through Twitter parties, the Kelly's Closet support group, fellow bloggers, and the Flats Challenge. Many of you have been here since day one. You watched my oldest, Noah, grow from a baby to an 8 year old. You followed along and supported me as we were desperate to get pregnant. And when all the infertility treatments failed, you prayed for my family as we waited to adopt. You cried with me when we adopted Sam. And I loved sharing the surprise of Frances' birth with you!

For the past three years I have been pretty overwhelmed with parenting. I have only blogged to host the Flats and Handwashing Challenge. If you missed the announcement on that, Bailey of Cloth Diaper Podcast will be taking over for 2020.

I plan to keep renewing this domain and keeping the content available. There are many links that are broken on these pages. With the closure of Kelly's Closet earlier this year, those links went down. But you should be able to Google any of the products I talk about if you are interested.

I'm not saying goodbye to my cloth diapers just yet. Frances still has at least a few months left in diapers, if not a year or two. But I did want to say goodbye to anyone that has been wondering where I've been.

Thank you for following along over the years!

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