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Sign up for the 8th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge!

Sign-ups are now open for the 8th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge! In case you missed the announcement, this year's event will take place May 14-20. This year's event starts the day after Mother's Day and a couple weeks before Memorial Day. So hopefully you won't have to worry about traveling during the challenge this year.

I'll have two in diapers this year, a new experience for me! My toddler will be 22 months old and my newborn will be just over a month old! On top of that we'll be preparing to move to a new house shortly after this year's challenge, so it will add a component of chaos to my already crazy life.

Flats Challenge Cloth Diaper Revival

The Flats and Handwashing Challenge was started 8 years ago by Kim Rosas of Dirty Diaper Laundry as a way to show that flat cloth diapers and hand washing are real solutions for families that struggle with diaper need. Many families are unable to provide diapers for their baby due to financial constraints. No child should have to go without basic needs and diapers definitely fall into that category. A small stack of flat cloth diapers is inexpensive and can even be made for free using t-shirts, dish clothes, or other materials found around the home. Many times, these families also lack access to a washing machine. Hand washing flat cloth diapers is easier than you think and flat cloth diapers dry very quickly, often in just a few hours.

Are you up for the challenge? For one week, you'll set aside your modern cloth diapering stash and switch to flats and covers. There's no washing machines allowed this week! Read the rules below for more details.

Flats Challenge 2018 Cloth Diaper Revival

Flats and Handwashing Challenge Rules

Materials Allowed

  • Any flat cloth diaper, store bought or handmade. A flat is defined as 1 single layer of material for easier handwashing and drying.
  • One nighttime diaper of your choice, although it is preferred that you make flats work for nights. This diaper must be handwashed.
  • Doublers (not inserts meant to be absorbent enough to stand alone) if absolutely necessary.
  • Diaper Sprayer.
  • Wet bags/Pails
  • Handmade washing machine, such as a camp style washer.
  • Non-electric portable washing machine (must be powered by you and cost less than $100).
  • Diaper covers, store bought or handmade.
  • Detergents, store bought or handmade.
  • Snappi, Boingo, or diaper pins.
  • Pocket diapers stuffed with FLAT DIAPERS.
  • Fleece liners, store bought or handmade.
  • Iron to expediate drying or sterilizing diapers.

Materials NOT Allowed

  • Electric washer or dryer
  • Pockets with inserts other than flats, AIOs, Fitteds, Prefolds, AI2s, etc.
  • Flushable liners

Rules for Everyone

  • You cannot use your washer/dryer.
  • If something comes up and you must use an exception, you must disclose this in the Conclusion Survey or on your blog if you are a blogger.
  • There is no limit on the number or flats/covers you can use. However, a reasonable amount is preferred (no more than enough for a day or two of cloth diapering).

Rules for Bloggers

Bloggers are encouraged to participate and write about their experience. There will be a daily blog prompt and a linky set up each day to share your post. If you sign up as a blogger you will be sent more information on the blog prompts and rules for participating.

Stores and Manufacturers

Each year this event sees an increasing amount of interest from stores and manufacturers who often offer discount codes and incentives for flats and covers. If you are a company planning to offer any sort of special promotion or discount related to the challenge, or your company is blogging along, please email me beforehand to discuss opportunities.

Flats Challenge 2018 Cloth Diaper Revival

Grab this image and share that you are taking part in the challenge!


and stay tuned for details about sales and helpful links to get you through the week!

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