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7th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge - Day 2: What's In Your Flats Stash? How Much Did It Cost? #flatschallenge

Welcome to Day 2 of the 7th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge! If you're new to the Challenge, please read more about what's going on this week as families all over the world will be diapering their babies with flat diapers and handwashing for a whole week. Today's topic is What's in your flats stash and how much did it cost? Participants were able to use commercially purchased flat diapers or flour sack towels, homemade flats, basically any material that is made with a single layer of fabric. In addition to flats, they can use diaper covers, diaper closures (Snappis, pins, etc), and a doubler if necessary. 

While I've added quite a few new diapers to my stash since our second baby arrived 10 months ago, flats was not one of them! For the Challenge, I'm using the same flats that I have from my first born. I have been so tempted to add some new flats to my stash, but if I'm totally honest, I have plenty of flats as it is.

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6 Blueberry flats $16 (discontinued) 
These are the old printed Blueberry flats and my absolute favorite! These are now discontinued and I've wondered about the new gauze flats from Bluberry but haven't tried them. 

12 Osocozy flats $23
These are great basic flats. There's nothing really special about them. They are a bit smaller than the Blueberry flats. 

1 Imagine Wool Cover $30
This is what's getting us through nights! 

3 Various PUL Diaper Covers $42 (about $14 each for 3 covers)

I have a lot of covers in my regular cloth diapers stash. I don't anticipate that I'll need to use them all for the Challenge, especially since I can get multiple uses out of each one. I think I could definitely get away with 2-3 covers for the whole Challenge. My favorite brands for covers are Bambino Mio, Thirsties, and Rumparooz

2 Snappis $10 (3-pack)
I have 2 Snappis but I've mostly been padfolding, so I'm not sure that I'll end up using them. When your baby won't lay still for a diaper change, you do what works! 

Since I'll be handwashing daily, I won't need all 18 flats. My thought is that I'll need about 8 a day, plus the 2-3 PUL covers and the wool cover at night. Honestly, I could probably get away with not using the wool cover if I was building an emergency stash for someone, but I have it, so I'll use it. 

Actual cost of my stash $111

Bare minimum of my stash $65
This is my number for a dozen flats and 3 diaper covers. I think this number is totally doable! And I know many of you are doing it on much less! Be sure to share what's in your stash today using the #flatschallenge hashtag on social media. Bloggers, link up below!
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