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Wool Diaper Covers - The perfect diaper cover! | Giveaway!

There are many reasons to choose cloth diapers, but many families choose cloth after their babies sensitive skin can't handle the chemicals in disposable diapers. But just like disposable diapers, some babies can have sensitivities to some of the fabrics used in cloth diapers. PUL sensitivities can be particularly frustrating for cloth diapering families. PUL is a very popular fabric used in cloth diapering and a sensitivity to the material can limit your cloth diaper options significantly. Wool to the rescue!

Wool Diaper Covers Cloth Diaper Revival

Wool diaper covers are excellent alternative to PUL covers and a great way to keep your baby in cloth diapers when PUL sensitivities are present! Wool diaper covers, also referred to as wool soakers, are a great solution! They are most often used in the cloth diapering community as an overnight diapering solution, but wool isn't just for overnight! Wool can be used for daytime too. Despite what you may think, wool is incredibly breathable and a perfect solution for cloth diapering in any season, summer included! 

Wool Diaper Covers Cloth Diaper Revival

Wool diaper covers are available in covers (shown in these pictures), shorties and longies. Replace your babies pants with wool pants that work right over your fitteds, prefolds or flats! To make wool waterproof, you will need to lanolize the wool. While this process can sound daunting, I promise it is much easier than you think! And wool has antimicrobrial properties and is incredibly easy to care for! It only needs to be washed every 2-3 weeks! 

Wool Diaper Covers Cloth Diaper Revival

Imagine Baby Products makes wool affordable and adorable! Whether you need a new nighttime solution or are looking for a natural material to cover your baby's diapers, they have just what you need!

Imagine is giving you the chance to win a wool diaper cover! Enter on the form below! Open to residents of the US and Canada.

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Cloth Diaper Revival has partnered with Imagine Baby Products to share about their wool lineup. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Affiliate links are included in this post.

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