bumGenius Elemental One-Size Organic Cotton AIO Review

bumGenius Elemental Cloth Diaper Revival

Way back when I was cloth diapering my first born in 2011 and 2012 my all time favorite diaper was the Original bumGenius Elemental, often referred to as OBGE. We had a stash full of them and I loved every single one! They were so trim and very absorbent. When bumGenius changed to their new design (now discontinued) I searched for all of the OBGE I could find and stocked up my stash. My son had potty trained at this point, but I feared a scarcity of my favorite diaper that I was hoping to use on future babies.

Fast forward to 2016. My stash was insanely large and out of control! We were in the midst of waiting for an adoption match and I needed to raise some adoption funds. So I sold off my OBGE stash. I kept one because I couldn't bring myself to part with all of them and sent the rest on to be loved by other families.

When Samuel came along last summer, I found myself panicking, missing my OBGE stash. What was I thinking? None of the diapers in our stash compared to the trim fit and incredible absorbency of my dearly loved OBGE. But then, like a miracle, bumGenius did something amazing! They created a new bumGenius Elemental, the perfect diaper, even better than the original!

bumGenius Elemental Cloth Diaper Revival

The Elemental 3.0 is very much like the Orginal Elemental design. It has the same 6 layers of organic cotton that create such an absorbent diaper, the same rolled elastics, and trim fit. In many ways it looks like the same diaper. But this new design has some improvements. The soaker layer is sewn in such a way to prevent holes from wearing in places that the Original design experienced. And while it has the same layers of organic cotton, there is only one soaker layer over the two that the Original had. I feared that this design would be less absorbent than I was used to, but it is just as absorbent as ever!

bumGenius Elemental Cloth Diaper Revival

I'm working on building back my Elemental rainbow one beautiful diaper at a time! The bumGenius Elemental 3.0 fits from 8-35 lbs and retails for $24.95. Start your rainbow here!

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