Our Adoption Profile Book

One of the hardest parts things we've had to do so far in our adoption journey is create a profile book. This book will be shown to birth parents. This will be how they choose the family that is right for them and their child. Picking and choosing the pictures and writing the words was not an easy task! And while the internet can be an amazing resource, there weren't really any templates out there on how to do this. We found this blog post very helpful and used it as a guideline to create our own profile book. I have uploaded the pages of our profile book below. Hopefully what we have done can be helpful to another family that doesn't know where to start.

This week I'll be dropping four copies of our book to our adoption agency. One copy will stay in our local office, two other copies will go to the other offices in our state. The fourth book will be available to send out of state to anyone that requests to view it after they view our online profile (yet to be completed).

Our home study is almost complete! The report is written and within the next week, we should have everything signed off! We'll be writing a big check to make everything official and then we WAIT! This is huge! I'll be sure to update when we are officially on the list!


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