DIY Crib Drawer {FREE PLANS}

Last week we completed our home study and are in the waiting stage! Our social worker has to complete a report on us and once that's approved, we are officially a waiting family! That should take a couple weeks! We'll let you know when everything is official! If you're new to the blog, read about our adoption here!

While we wait, we've been getting the nursery together little by little! Our last crib had a drawer underneath it which was really handy for storage. The crib we are using this time doesn't have that feature, so we got handy and built one ourselves! It was super easy to build and we were able to do it in one afternoon. It was also, super affordable, less than $50!

The crib is the Davinci Jenny Lind in Lagoon. The pictures posted here are an accurate representation of the color. The color on Amazon is not the color that the crib actually is!

We purchased paint from Sherwin Williams that we had custom matched. I just took in the toddler rail and they mixed up the perfect color!

We currently have part of our cloth diapers stored in the drawer. This is a great solution for people who like to change diapers on the floor, but I'm more of a changing table fan. We are on the hunt for a dresser to use for a changing table. Once that is found, I will probably take out the diapers and store blankets and other random things in here.

For those of you curious about the cloth diaper storage, there are about 75 pockets, AIOs, and covers...about 2 dozen prefolds...about 3 dozen flats...and about a dozen or so AI2 inserts. This drawer holds a ton!

Find the plans to build your own drawer on the Raleigh Moms Blog!
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