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What to do when kids are afraid of public bathrooms! {Giveaway!}

This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

My son is afraid of loud noises. Not all loud noises, but some of them are enough for people to think I'm hurting him. This is incredibly stressful in public places. We can't use a public bathroom without scoping out the hand dryer situation. If there's a dryer and no paper towels, the thought of washing his hands is pretty much the worst thing ever! But as a mom, the last thing I want to do is let him use the bathroom without washing his hands...gross!

Keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse or diaper bag is a great solution, but most mainstream sanitizers are full of alcohol. The alcohol dries out your skin (which is even worse with the winter coming) and can also pull away the good bacteria that our skin needs. And of course, there's the component of exposing our bodies to more chemicals.

I've discovered keeping a bottle of Moody Sister's Cleansing Spray in my purse is the perfect solution! It keeps my child from being anxious about having to wash his hands in public and keeps me from dealing with the meltdown of making him wash his hands! Just a spray on his hands does the trick! We also love this spray for outings, messy/sticky faces, and it was incredibly useful on our last camping trip with no showers.

We've also been using Moody Sister's Calendula Butter Bar Soap and love it! With a family full of skin issues, we need to keep chemicals out of our bathroom and off of our skin. The bar is perfect for all ages and is safe for babies as well. It smells amazing and does a great job scrubbing the dirt off of my 4 year old after a day playing outside and keeping our skin moisturized.

You can purchase Moody Sister's Skincare from their website! I love that this company is run by two super sweet sisters with a passion for all things natural! Learn more about them here. Save 10% off your order, plus receive a free sample when you sign up for the Moody Sister's newsletter!

Enter the giveaway below to win a bottle of Cleansing Spray and Calendula Butter Bar! Good luck!

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