Super Undies and why I fell in love

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So I always wondered why people would need potty training pants anyway, then I had a boy. I tried to potty train naked, but he peed on the couch one too many times! EWW! Are you kidding?? On the COUCH?! How do you even clean out all the nooks and crannies there!!

Well, I never wanted to use potty training pants, I thought I could just use my cloth diapers. But I wasn't fooling anyone. Not having that of psychological shift into a different phase of life may have been hindering us. See, my son really liked the idea of growing up! He wanted to be a big kid, but that peeing on the couch thing was still getting me. So I broke down. I got a few pairs of Super Undies. I did my homework and there are a few different kids out there, but since I was buying training pants anyways, I put myself in my sons shoes. These were the ones he could embrace the easiest! He could have a cape, some big boy undies, and he could be empowered! Children speak and learn though play, and if it isn't fun, they quit. Super Undies helped us get into that place of making potty training a game! Sometimes super heroes take a blow, but they get back up and keep on going! Sometimes potty training it tough, but throwing on a colorful pair of super undies, a cape, mama’s rubber gloves and grabbing a turkey baster was all we needed to get back on the band wagon!

Turns out these Hybrid Undies are the real deal! They turned out to be more waterproof than I expected! And if we had a small accident, it really was no big deal to whip out that dampish insert and stuff a new one in there. We even started folding the insert in half and just shoving down the front of the undies! More absorbency where he needs it, quick and changeable, easy peasy. Its been a good fight, but we finally won. Potty training is over and my son is my hero! Now if only we could tackle the bedwetting. I know that’s not a conscious thing my son can learn. It will just happen one day. But until then, I found out that the owner of Super Undies had the same problem as me and made bedwetting pants too. Really good ones :)

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