Reusable Swim Diapers - Everything you need to know!

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Swim season is on the way! Skip the disposable swim diapers and switch to cloth! There are many brands, some are even sold at stores like Target, but if you have a favorite cloth diaper retailer, I encourage you to give them your business! You may have heard that you can use a cloth diaper as a swim diaper. I'll break down all the things you should consider when deciding which route to go.

Swim diapers are made to hold in the solids only. This is true for both cloth and disposable. If your baby pees, the liquid will pass straight through the diaper.

Tip! Wait until you are ready to get in the pool or at the beach before putting the swim diaper on your baby. If you do it at home and then drive to your destination, you could end up with a car seat full of pee!

I suggest a minimum of two swim diapers for each visit. If you plan on being at the pool longer than a few hours or if you swim frequently, you may need more. For each visit, you'll need one for your baby to wear and then a back-up in case your baby poops.

Tip! Don't forget a wet bag to store your dirty swim diapers. Wet bags are also great for wet swim suits too! 

Swim diapers that have some kind of closure, either snaps or aplix, will make diaper changes easy if your baby poops! Having a diaper that pulls on and off without any snaps can make a mess.

Repurposing a cloth diaper
Some brands says you can use their cloth diapers without the absorbent layer as a swim diaper. GroVia suggest using their shells (without the soaker) and bumGenius suggests using a 4.0 without the insert. Both of these options will work! However, you should consider that concrete, sand, shells, and all potentially damage the PUL layer of your diaper. Cloth diapers are also made to hold in liquids, unlike swim diapers. Even without an absorbent layer, the PUL will pool some of the water in the diaper in between your baby's legs.

Delaminated diaper
The only real use left for a diaper that has delaminated is as a swim diaper. Once the diaper delaminates, it loses it's ability to be waterproof. Since the diaper is no longer usable in your stash, you shouldn't be concerned about the concrete or the shells and this would be a great way to use that diaper!

We have used both Bummis and AppleCheeks and were able to use both for more than one swim season without my son outgrowing them. We found the investment to be worth it! For more info on these two brands, see this comparison post.

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