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Getting back together with my first love {NEW Fuzzibunz OS review}

Fuzzibunz. Oh Fuzzibunz. They were my first love. The first cloth diaper I ever laid eyes on. It was December four years ago. I was pregnant for all of ten minutes and I couldn't keep myself out of the baby boutiques. So many cute, tiny, soft wonderful products! Cloth diapers were not on my list and not even something I was considering. So when I first laid eyes on a Fuzzibunz pocket diaper I was intrigued. It was so cute and soft. I knew then at that moment that we were going to cloth diaper our baby.

Fast forward nine months and with only two Fuzzibunz one-size diapers in my very small beginner stash, I knew I needed more! Fuzzibunz was on the brink of announcing their new Elite OS diaper, so I stocked up on the clearanced style. For a long time they made up the majority of my stash. When the new Elite designs were announced, I added two more Fuzzibunz to our stash. Then I couldn't resist a new print and I added yet another. My growing cloth diaper stash was full of Fuzzibunz. There were some big differences in the original one-size that first made up my stash and the new Elites. I found myself loving the old design more.

A couple months ago Fuzzibunz announced a new owner and a complete redesign. I was so excited to see what was coming! After all, do you ever really get over your first love?

The new Fuzzibunz OS comes in two sizes. Yes, it sounds confusing, but they are both one size diapers! The Fuzzibunz OS small fits from 7-30 lbs, while the large fits from 10-45 lbs. So if you're starting cloth diapering late in the game, I'd go with the large. If you're looking to cloth diaper from birth, go with the small! Have a chunkier baby? Go large! Have a tiny little thing? Go small!

The button rise adjustment is still the same. This is a feature I've always like! The hidden rise adjustment makes for a clean front panel and no snaps coming undone during diaper changes.

The insert is now microfiber (not minky like some of the previous Elite diapers) and is shaped to fit into the wings of the shell. This provides more area for the diaper to absorb, but also makes stuffing the diaper a little more tedious.

Currently, Fuzzibunz only released these diapers in five colors, but I really hope to see more colors and some exciting prints in the future!

If you've never tried Fuzzibunz or disliked the previous OS diapers, I encourage you to try the new style! It really is pretty awesome! You can order them direct from Fuzzibunz or my favorite retailer Kelly's Closet is one of their authorized retailers!

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