July Citrus Lane!

Citrus Lane arrived while I was out of town last week! Are you ready to see what we got?

Tree Hopper Match Sticks - This is an adorable matching game made out of wooden discs! Citrus Lane actually let us customize our box before it arrived and I got to choose which set I wanted! I choose numbers because I thought it would be helpful as a math manipulative down the road, but I was really tempted by the transportation set!

John Deere Tractor - This is an awesome tractor! We already have two of these (but not this exact one) and they are some of my son's favorite toys!

Plum Organics Mash Ups - This item felt a little younger for my almost 3 year old, but then again, he really loves applesauce pouches, so this isn't really any different.

Pur-lisse Sunscreen - This is a sample size (0.5 oz) and perfect for keeping in my purse for those times you forget the sunscreen! A full size bottle is $55 (1.7 oz)...yikes, but that's on their website. Amazon is only $22.
$6 (if you do the cost per ounce based on the Amazon price...do people pay that much for samples?!)

The total value of this month's box is about $36 and the most you would have paid for the service is $29. Honestly the matching game and the tractor are worth the cost to me anyway! Most people don't pay the full $29 per box anyway thanks to amazing coupon codes and discounts! Alternatively, you can buy the items found in our box (and other boxes from this month) in the Citrus Lane shop without being a subscriber! Use coupon code SUMMERSHIP for free shipping on any shop purchase! You can try a box of your own by using this link! Use coupon code 50PCT and save 50% on your first box! 

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