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Summer Skin Care Must Haves! {Balm Baby Review & Giveaway}

Summer is here which means less clothes covering your body, more time outside and heat! A lesson I've learned as I've gotten older (and become a mom) is that it's really important to protect your skin in the summer sun and bugs! I've also learned that not all skin care products are created equally. Many of the sunscreens, bug sprays, etc. that you find at your local big box store are full of harmful chemicals and toxins. These products are dangerous and harmful to you, your family, and the environment. This year, I'm using a line of products from Balm Baby and Taylor's Natural Skin Care!

Balm Baby/Taylor's is located in Hawaii and makes all of their products using safe, all natural ingredients! Here's a few of my favorite essentials for surviving the summer:

Sun! Natural Sunscreen - Lots of outdoor time means we need to protect ourselves from the sun's harmful rays! This sunscreen has an SPF 30 and is organic, vegan, and made from all natural ingredients. It's not greasy and creates great coverage! It comes in a glass jar (which I love) but I do think a squeeze bottle would make it a little more convenient to apply, especially on my toddler. The best part about this sunscreen is it doubles as a diaper rash cream for those really bad diaper rashes. ($9.95)

Shue Bug! Natural Bug Spray - Let me tell you a little story. Last summer we spent a lot of time in our mosquito infested backyard. I pulled out the Off bug spray and coated my toddler and myself. He enjoyed an afternoon of water table fun and I relaxed in a chair. I thought my legs felt a little sticky, but I assumed my toddler had rubbed his messy hands on me and that's all. I came inside and sat down at our desk chair while my son had a snack. After a few minutes of sitting, I tried to get up. Tried is the magic word. I was stuck! Something in that bug spray had made my legs sticky and glued me to the chair! I panicked! I had to peel my legs away slowly, all while losing a layer of skin! It was painful and scary! I rushed myself and my toddler to the shower to scrub the bug spray off of us. The Off went into the trash and the desk chair still has some stick stuck to it that I can't get off! Lesson learned, no more nasty bug sprays for me!

Shue Bug has no harmful ingredients and nothing that will leave me stuck to a chair! The blends of essential oils keeps bugs away and smells great! ($6.99)

Sanitize Those Hands! - Constantly being outside means we constantly need to wash our hands! The best part about this hand sanitizer over the products you find in most stores is it only kills the bad kind of bacteria! Mainstream sanitizers kill the good and bad bacteria, but this one only gets the bad stuff! Just a squirt on your hands and you'll be good to go! This sanitizer is made from natural ingredients and smells great! We loved have it on hand during our trip to Disney (so many germs!). ($5.49)

Pits! Natural Deodorant - If you've read any of my pregnancy posts, you know that I have a lot of endocrine issues that have gotten in the way of fertility. I recently learned about how toxic most deodorants are and how they can be causing some of my fertility issues. So I've made the switch to a natural deodorant. Pits deodorant really works! I'll admit, I was worried, especially after I had to switch to prescription strength deodorants after my son was born. Pits smells so good! I'm using grapefruit vanilla and love it! I do apply it a second time if I'm heading out to Zumba, but on the days I don't workout, applying in the morning is enough. ($7.49)

Diaper Rash/First Aid - We are beyond cloth diapering now that my son is potty trained (need another baby stat!) but I love that Balm Baby's diaper rash cream doubles as a first aid cream! Just slather some of this awesome cream on bug bites, sunburns, cuts, and more for first aid relief. It even works on eczema which is awesome because my son's been battling that since infancy! ($9.95)

You can find all of these products and more on the Balm Baby website! I love that their products are safe for the whole family and full of natural ingredients! The best part is that they will customize their products to meet your needs, especially if you have allergies! If you're planning a trip, they have an awesome travel kit that includes the sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer, and first aid cream for only $22.95!

Want to learn more? Last week, as part of my job with Kelly's Closet, I got to chat with Polly from Balm Baby about their summer products!

Balm Baby is giving you a chance to win some of their amazing products! Enter below to win a travel kit! Open to residents of the US, 18 years or older.

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What are your favorite products for protecting your in the summer?

This post is sponsored by Balm Baby. I received the products listed above for reviewing purposes. 

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