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Cows, Chicken, and Cloth Diapers!

Chick-fil-a's Cow Appreciation Day is coming on July 11th! That's next Friday! If you've never been it's a ton of fun! Basically, you dress like a cow and get free food! I have friends that have gone for all 3 meals! We usually go for lunch because my husband is too embarrassed to dress like a cow. So I dress up and bring my little one along with me! Both of us get free lunch! Here we are the first year we went!

This will be our third year! Last year he was potty trained so I took a white kitchen trash bag and colored cow spots all over the bag. Unfortunately, the Sharpie didn't stay put and we were covered in black marks all over our arms too! That made some nice cow spots. This year, I plan to draw cow spots all over a white t-shirt. Why didn't I think of that last year?

It's not too late to get your little one ready for Cow Appreciation Day! There are a few brands that make cow print diapers!

Cow Cloth Diapers

                                               Wolbybug Diaper Cover, $10.99
                                               Best Bottom Diaper Cover, $16.95
                                               Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter, $12.95

Of course, you could also always use a white diaper and tape a few black spots on it! Or a white black diaper would work too! Many brands have them! You can find quite a few of them in this old post or by searching for your favorite brand!

Will you and your calf be attending Cow Appreciation Day?

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