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Cloth Diapering Part Time

Cloth diapering doesn't have to be all or nothing. If you're unsure about switching to cloth diapers or don't have the funds to buy your stash all at once, consider using cloth diapers part time!
Part time cloth diapering

Reasons to choose cloth part time:

  • Diaper stash not big enough
  • Child care provider does not feel comfortable with cloth
  • On the fence about switching to cloth diapers

Things to consider:
Wash routine - cloth diapers typically need to be washed every 2-3 days to prevent stink issues, mildew, or other bacteria growth. If you don't have enough dirty diapers every couple of days to devote to a load of cloth diapers only, you can wash them with your other laundry. First, run a rinse cycle with your cloth diapers only. Then add your other laundry (towels, sheets, or other items that can be washed on hot are best) and wash with detergent.

Hybrid cloth diapers - You can use disposable inserts inside many cloth diaper covers. After each use you can reuse your cover but just switch out the disposable insert. To see an overview of the best brands on the market and which would be best for your baby, check out this post!

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