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February Citrus Lane!

It's the time again for our Citrus Lane box! I feel like we waited forever for this month's box to arrive! We had lots of snow last week, so I'm sure that delayed things. By now I have seen a ton of spoilers, so I wasn't shocked when I opened the box. Want to see what's inside?

Green Toys Stock Pot and Utensils - I love Green Toys, so more of that brand is always welcome in our home! Unfortunately, we just gave away our play kitchen this week! I did hang on to the Plan Toys fruits from last month and the Green Toys sandwich from the previous month. So just because we don't have a kitchen to play with, doesn't mean we can't use this!
Retail $12 (estimated)

Oogaa Silicone Divided Plate - Citrus Lane has sent us Oogaa products in the past and they've held up well and been great for toddler meals! I love that this plate is divided (I hate when my food mixes) but more importantly, it's BPA, PVC, and phthalate free!
Retail $ 11

Barefoot Books Starlight Sailor - Barefoot Books is another brand Citrus Lane frequently includes. Their books are really well made and can stand the test of a toddler! This one is pretty big in size and very sturdy!
Retail $15

Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream - Finally! Citrus Lane is back to putting in products for mom! Unfortunately, this is one I won't use.
Retail $12

I was going to complain about how Citrus Lane used to include 5 items instead of 4, but I have to say overall I'm pretty impressed! The value of this box is about $50! That's a very good value! For the past few months they have been including "worthless" coupons (high value coupons I'll never use) and I'm so glad to not see one of those in my box this month.

If you want to give Citrus Lane a try, even for just one month, I highly recommend it! You can cancel at any time! So it makes a great birthday present for you kid or just something fun to try! When you sign up through my link you get to try your first box for half off! That's a steal! You could have gotten all of the above (a $50 value) for only $14.50! It's worth a shot at least for one month!

This post contains referral links. By signing up through my link you receive 50% off and I get a $20 credit on my account. Thanks for using my link! I hope you love Citrus Lane as much as I do! 

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