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Using wet bags after cloth diapering {Thirsties Wet Bag Review & Giveaway}

My son recently potty trained. I spent the summer excited that he was now a "big boy" and no longer needing diapers, but also mourning the loss of my beloved cloth diapers and accessories! Let's be honest, I'm addicted! I had hoped to at least have another baby on the way to wrap in cloth diapers , but that didn't quite work out like I had hoped. So I sadly packed up our diapers to save for a future baby, but my accessories stayed accessible!

I found that while we no longer needed our diapers, the cloth diapering accessories we owned were still incredibly useful while potty training and after, especially all of our wet bags! I admit that we have quite the wet bag collection. There are SO many uses for them beyond cloth diapering!

Thirsties released a wet bag within the last year and since I'm such a huge fan of Thirsties other products, it's no surprise that I was dying to add a wet bag to my collection!

Things I love about Thirsties' wet bag:
1. Stylish! Thirsties wet bags come in four different prints and two colors. I never got the chance to have a little girl in Polka Dance, but I love having a wet bag in this print!

2. Perfect Size! The Thirsties wet bag is 16" x 14" and the perfect size for your diaper bag. It holds around 8 cloth diapers, just what you need for a day of outings!

3. Rolls Up! The handle has a snap that wraps around the wet bag for compact, easy storage! I love this for keeping the empty wet bag in my purse for emergency purposes. After all, you never know when you'll need an extra bag!

4. Handle! The handle on this wet bag is so handy for carrying, but also for easy storage! We kept this wet bag hanging on a hook in our bathroom for easy, out of the way, storage. I also really like that the handle can be unsnapped so you could hook it around a rod or towel bar.

5. Made in the USA! One of my absolute favorite things about Thirsties is they make affordable, quality products in the USA! I love being able to support a family run, US business.

The Thirsties wet bag is perfect for your soiled cloth diapers, but there are so many other uses as well!

Potty training! We used our wet bags during potty training for soiled trainers and underwear when accidents happened at home. I also like to keep a wet bag in the car at all times with a change of clothes in the event of sickness or accidents on the go!

Ice Pack! My husband broke his toe a few weeks ago and needed an ice pack. Wet bags to the rescue!

Swim gear! Wet bags are the perfect companion for your wet swim suit after a day at the pool!

Snack storage! Keep your little one's snacks and juice box contained in a small wet bag.

Craft Storage! The Eco Chic is currently using her Thirsties wet bag to store her cross stitch supplies.

What ways do you use your wet bags for things other than cloth diapers? Share your ideas in the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win your very own wet bag from Thirsties! You can use it for cloth diapers or whatever way you see fit!

Can't wait to win it? You can purchase a Thirsties wet bag form Kelly's Closet for $14.50.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is a sponsored post. Thirsties Inc sent me a wet bag for reviewing purposes in exchange for this review and giveaway. All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.

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