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January Citrus Lane is here!

Our January Citrus Lane box arrived today! I love getting these boxes every month! It's fun to have a surprise box of products show up at your door unexpectedly! I always forget it's coming, so it's such a nice thing to find in your mailbox with the bills and junk mail.

This month, the box was meant to bring some "color" your way! Here's what we got:

1. Plan Toys Fruit Set - I love well made, wooden toys. This set of fruit doesn't disappoint! The velcro is strong but not so strong that my two year old can't "cut" it apart. I like that it helps him to work on his fine motor skills. Definitely a keeper! This isn't the full fruit set that is sold on the Plan Toys website. We received three fruits and a knife, while the full set has five fruits, a knife, and a cutting board.
Retail $15 (estimated)

2. Barefoot Boos Zig Zag Zebra Coloring Book - Citrus Lane pairs with Barefoot Books frequently. We have received many Barefoot Book products and are always pleased! The products are well made and loved by my son! This coloring book has great illustrations and thick pages, which I love! Unfortunately, I think my son is a little too young for it and I'll be saving it for later or as a gift.
Retail $3.50 (originally $6.99 but on sale on the Barefoot Books site)

3. Faber-Castell Duo Tip Washable Markers - My son is obsessed with colors with markers lately, so new markers are always welcome! I like that these are double tipped for more colors with less to keep up with/store. The Faber-Castell products we have received in the past have been excellent quality, so I expect these will be too!
Retail $4.99

4. Mommy's Bliss Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief - I don't purchase a lot of products like this. I stored this one in the medicine cabinet in case an stomach bug comes our way. I like that these are single serve packages, but also a full product and not just samples.
Retail $10.49

5. Ruby Ribbon Coupon - Citrus Lane used to include a product for moms. Lately they've been resorting to coupons. This one is for 20% off your first order on Ruby Ribbon clothing. I will probably be tossing this one.
Retail - NO VALUE

So this box adds up to about $29. This isn't that great of a deal if you are a new subscriber. A new subscription is $29 if you choose the monthly subscription (up from the old price of $25). Citrus Lane ran a ton of specials over the last few months on deal site like Plum District, so many people haven't been paying the full price for boxes. Even the box isn't discounted from the value of the products, I still like the surprise coming each month! You can try a box of Citrus Lane for $10 off by signing up through my link.

The boxes are tailored by the age of your child. Some parents of younger children received a Plan Toys Shape Sorter this month and some boxes had a Skip Hop Zoo Lunch Box which we received in a previous box.  Want to see previous boxes we received? Go here --->

This post contains referral links. By subscribing to Citrus Lane through my link, you get $10 off and I get a $10! :)
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