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Three steps for getting started with cloth diapers #schoolofcloth

Welcome to the world of cloth diapers! You may be completely overwhelmed and not sure where to start! Take a deep breath and jump in! There is a ton of information out there and it all is really going to be completely overwhelming at first. I promise that as soon as you get started, you'll feel like an expert and realize how simple it is, in no time!

Step one: Choose the type of diapers you want
You may want to choose one brand or style to stock your diaper stash with. I started with a variety of diapers and then built the rest of my stash off of what I liked. The resell value of cloth diapers is incredible, so if you try a diaper and decide you don't like it, you can always sell it!

Cloth diaper trials are also a great solution! Kelly's Closet has a 30 day guarantee on some of the diapers they carry. If you don't love it, return the diapers within 30 days for a full refund!

To help you decide what brands or diaper styles, check out the Back to Basics page.

Step two: Accessorize!
You'll need to stock your stash with cloth diaper safe creams, cloth wipes, and a way to store your diapers. Most mainstream diaper creams cannot be used with cloth diapers and will cause problems if used. Since you're already washing diapers, you may as well wash cloth wipes too! They do a much better job than the disposable options available. When your diapers are soiled, you'll need to store them either in a pail or wet bag.

Step three: Jump in!
Once you receive your diapers you'll want to prep them and then start using them! They really aren't that much different than using disposable diapers, you'll just have to wash them! For tips on washing cloth diapers, see this post!

Welcome to the world of cloth diapering! Enjoy every minute!

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