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November Citrus Lane

This month makes a year that we've been receiving Citrus Lane boxes! This was our 12th box and I have to admit, the first time I've truly been disappointed! Seeing spoilers and others post their boxes, made me hopeful for a good box. It appears that Citrus Lane was all over the place this month! Usually you can gauge what will be in your child's box based on the boxes others get, but this month seems to be different! here's what we got:

1. Bumkins Lunch Bag - Don't get me wrong, this bag is adorable! I love the print! However, Citrus Lane sent us a Skip Hop lunch box a few months ago. We don't need another lunch box. Other boxes included Bumkins snack bags or bibs. We are past the bib stage, but I would have loved the snack bags!
retail $12.95

2. Green Toys Sandwich - I love Green Toys! I was happy to receive the sandwich. Other boxes had the pot and cooking utensils. I prefer the sandwich. I am saving this for a stocking stuffer!
retail $7.55 (estimate)

3. Faber-Castell Doodle Pad - Faber Castle makes excellent art products, but we have a ton of coloring books already. Then again, I guess you can never have too much paper for kids!
retail $2.99

4. Faber-Castell Beeswax Crayons - I'm a crayon snob and our house is full of Crayola crayons. I was bummed to get these, but from what I can tell these are very nice crayons! I also love that they are chunky! Perfect for toddler hands!
retail $8.08

5. Good Boy Organics Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snacks - We haven't tasted these yet, but I'm sure my toddler will love that they are dinosaur shaped. I love when we receive single serving snack packs from Citrus Lane. These are perfect for throwing in my purse and having on hand for last minute snacks!
retail $2.99

6. Tiny Prints Address Labels - This voucher is for 4 sheets of free address labels from Tiny Prints when you spend $99. This coupon is pretty worthless to me. I don't plan on spending $99 there and that's a high value to get to. Nothing really free included since I have to spend $99 to use it.
retail $28

The total retail value of this box is about $63, although if you throw out the coupon for the labels it brings it down to about $35. The box would cost you $25 at the most with your subscription to Citrus Lane. If it was your first month, you could have gotten all of this for $12.50!

I was really bummed this month. I saw other boxes containing Bumkins snack bags and Skip Hop plates, bowls, or utensils. Some boxes had Green Toys tug boats! I swapped out our lunch bag for a tug boat with another Citrus Lane mom and I am much happier! Even though this box disappointed me, I'll be sticking with Citrus Lane! I look forward to getting another box next month!

If you are looking for an awesome Christmas idea, consider giving Citrus Lane a try! You can sign up and get your first box for only $12.50 (use coupon code TAKEHALF)! You can cancel at any time, so it would make a perfect one time Christmas present! You can't beat $12.50 for $30+ worth of awesome kids products! It's worth a shot!

This post contains referral links. By signing up through my link, I will receive a $10 credit. You will also receive the option of a $10 credit, but you would have to choose the credit over the 50% off coupon code. The coupon is a much better deal! 
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