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October Citrus Lane!

Our October Citrus Lane box is here! The day before we received our box I started looking for spoilers to see what everyone else was getting. Let's be honest, I'm too impatient for the surprise! I saw that most boxes in our age group were similar, but there was one difference. Some boxes had Boon bath toys and some had Cloud B nightlights. Our son's bathtub is exploding with bath toys! I was crossing my fingers we wouldn't get that box! Citrus Lane didn't disappoint! Here's what we got:

Cloud B Dreams and Twinkles To Go Nightlight $19.95
Hohner Kids Puppy Slide Whistle $10
Good Boy Organics BOPS $3.89
Ladybug Magazine $4.95
Ladybug Magazine Digital Subscription $4.50

I love this box! I was so thrilled to open it and find a nightlight! My toddler loves it! He had so much fun looking at the stars projected on his ceiling and the color changing feature is really cool! I love that it also shuts itself off at 45 minutes. Cloud B is an awesome company and I couldn't be more excited to receive this product. That alone made the box worth it to me! We have received a musical toy from Hohner Kids in a previous box and my son loved it! He also really likes dogs and nothing is cuter than a dachshund! I'll be saving this whistle for his Christmas stocking! I really like when Citrus Lane sends me individual snack size packages. They are perfect to keep in my purse or the car for snacks. We haven't tried these chips yet, but they sound delicious! My son loves to read, so the Ladybug Magazine was perfect! It is full of songs, stories, and poems for us to read together. Also included was a coupon for either a free 3 month digital subscription or a one year digital and print subscription for only $19.95 (valued at $51.90). Overall, this box was worth about $43 (more if you opt for the one year magazine subscription).

If you are interested in subscribing to Citrus Lane, you can do a month trial for 50% off ($12.50) and cancel after your first box. Just think, you could have gotten everything listed above for only $12.50! If you haven't tried it, you really should, even if you only intend to do it for the first month. It would be an awesome way to get some Christmas presents really cheap! Shipping is included in the price and each box is tailored to your child's age and gender. Don't miss out, try it now!

Do you subscribe to Citrus Lane? What did you get this month?

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