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Potty Training my 2 year old

At 23 months, we officially began potty training. It was never my plan. I was in no rush. He starts preschool in September and they allow diapers (cloth included) for the 2 years old class, so I wasn't worried. But then he started training himself. He wanted to go. He would ask. Sometimes he would even run to the bathroom and cry that he had to "pee-pee". So I went with it.

At Home
We started with 100% naked time at home when he was awake. As soon as he woke each morning, I removed his diaper. All day long he was naked. Occasionally I would ask him if he needed to potty or he would tell me. I didn't use the timer method. I was very laid back about it. Thankfully we have hard wood floors everywhere except the bedrooms. We played on the hardwoods all day for easy mess clean up. 

If he had an accident, I could usually catch him in the act. I would say "no" very firmly, pick him up and take him to the potty. Afterwards, he was handed a towel and sent to clean up the mess. I always went behind him and thoroughly cleaned it. 

Gradually, we've had less and less accidents. My goal this week is to move him towards underwear (not training pants) at home. 

Out and About
As much as I'd love to never leave my house, we need groceries on a weekly basis. At first, I was putting him in cloth diapers for our errands. As soon as we got to our destination, I'd take him to the potty and do the same before we left. Sometimes he'd go and other times he wouldn't. The cloth diapers kept him from puddling pee all over the floor in a public place if there was an accident.

This is where I longed for cloth trainers. I wanted something I could easily pull up and down. With the diapers, I was having to get him to use the potty and then lay him the changing table to change him if needed. Very inconvenient! So, I invested in quite a few cloth trainers for our errands. I'll be posting a review post with details on all the brands we've tried! 

Naps and Nighttime
My son is still in a crib, so for his daily nap and nighttime, he didn't have the ability to get up and head to the potty. We've been using cloth diapers for these times. Since I don't need to wash a full load of diapers, I've found that flats and covers were the best solution for nighttime for us. For more about our laundry routine, keep reading. 

I used to consider my son a very heavy wetter at night and needed some very thick and absorbent options. Since we've started potty training, he's only barely wet in the morning. I honestly think it's only his first morning pee that's in there. That's due to him being in a crib and being my alarm clock. I don't rush in there in the morning since I'm sleeping until I hear him playing in his crib. I think if he was in a bed instead of the crib, I could probably night train him as well. 

At first, I was washing any soiled trainers and diapers used for sleep in a very small load. I had a perfect wash routine when we were using cloth diapers full time and I quickly was discovering that my new routine wasn't working. I would either go too long in between washes, my loads were too small, and I couldn't figure out the perfect water and detergent amount to use. We started having problems with ammonia.

I switched to flat diapers for nighttime because I can easily hand wash those if needed. I rinse out my any wet or soiled diapers or trainers and wash them with our towels or other laundry now. This has worked well and haven't noticed any problems. 

Tools we're using
  • Underwear for home
  • Cloth Trainers for errands
  • Munchkin Potty Seat - we have a Beco Potty, but he has never really been interested in using it. He prefers the real potty, but is too small! So I invested in a Munchkin potty seat for his bathroom. 
  • Fisher Price Travel Potty - I have so many friends that recommended travel potties, but I didn't really see them necessary. I quickly learned my lesson! We live about 30 minutes from some of our places to go. The highway doesn't have many places to stop. So once he yells "pee-pee" we're stuck! The travel potty is great for being able to pull over! This is also great for those times he tells me we have to pee before going into a store or after leaving one. Plus, it is a cleaner option than public bathrooms. 
Stay tuned for my review on the cloth trainers in our stash and more tips and tricks! 
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