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August Citrus Lane!

Our favorite time of the month is here! Our August Citrus Lane box arrived! Here's what we received...

2 year old box

Barefoot Books Bear on the Go Puzzles
retail $12.99
Fun Things to Color A to Z Book retail $7.99
Clean Well Hand Sanitizing Wipes retail $4.50
Ouchies Jr. Eric Carle Band-aids retail $5
Annie's Bunnies Crackers retail $1
Fab Kids voucher value $39.95

Wow! The total value of this month's box is over $70! That's awesome considering the most you could pay for this box was $25 (less if you have a subscribe to a longer subscription). We received the Bear on a Bike book in an earlier box and it's one of my son's favorite! This puzzle box is perfect for him! I love that the coloring book has a page for each letter. That's perfect for practicing his letters this year. The sanitizing wipes are just what we need to keep with our travel potty in the car. The band-aids are adorable and are also going in the car for ouchies at the park this fall. My toddler gobbled up the Annie's bunnies in no time! The Fab Kids voucher gets you a whole outfit worth $39.95 (one pair of pants and two layering shirts). The outfits are cute! You'll have to pay $4.95 for shipping, but really $5 for a whole outfit isn't bad! It does automatically sign you up for a Fab Kids subscription if you choose to use the voucher, but you can cancel as soon as you order your first outfit. Still a great deal!

If you haven't signed up for Citrus Lane, you are missing out! We have gotten some great products! I don't feel like my spoiled child needs new toys every month, so I save a lot of the toys for future gifts. The snacks are always welcome. Each month we have always received something useful and that we've loved! You can sign up for Citrus Lane and get a box tailored to your child's age! If you use coupon code TAKEHALF you can try your first box for only $12.50! You can always cancel after your first box. Can you imagine if you had gotten this box for $12.50? Such a great deal!

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*This post contains referral links. I will receive a $10 credit if you sign up through my link.

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