July Fluff Fairy from Kelly's Closet!

Our first Fluff Fairy package arrived today! Cue the excitement! This is what we got...

SoftBums Wipe retail $1.85
CJ's Butter Sample retail $1.50
RLR Treatment retail $2.25

First, let me tell you how much I LOVE SoftBums! These diapers are great quality and worth every penny. You can check out my review of the Omni here. You can never have too many cloth wipes, even with potty training and my toddler will love the rockets! CJ's is my all time favorite diaper cream and I love the samples! You can stick them all over the place and always have access to it when you need it. RLR is one of those items you never have on hand when you need it. This will be perfect to use to strip my diapers for storing them for the next baby! Not only did I get all of this awesome stuff, but there was a coupon code for Double Diaper Dollars as well!

The total value of this package was about $33. I paid $26.99 and got free shipping. So basically, I paid for the SoftBums shell and pod and the rest was free! Not so bad! This is a new service from Kelly's Closet and I'm really excited to see what products they include next month. This first package didn't disappoint! Be on the lookout for an announcement from Kelly's Closet for August orders. The July packages sold out fast!


  1. My little guy is going to LOVE his diaper! SoftBums are his favorite because of the Panda on the tag. Hopefully the mailman comes soon, because our FluffFairy package is supposed to arrive today.

    I am excited to try CJ's too...and actually it couldn't have come a a better time.

  2. Great Post! Our diaper has spaceships/aliens!

  3. How will be the honest diaper in use? Can I buy these in affordable rates? Please suggest me as I have to purchase only branded products.


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