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July Citrus Lane!

One of my favorite days of the month happened this week! Our Citrus Lane box arrived! I absolutely love getting a box each month and really look forward to it! This month we got...

July 2013
23 month old boy

Zoli Sumo Snack Stacker retail $18
Melissa & Doug Wooden Peg Puzzle retail $7.99
Me4Kidz Cool It Buddy Instant Cold Pack retail $2.99
GoGo squeeZ Fruit Pouch retail $0.99
Sincerely Inc. Postagram credits retail $9.90

This box was a big hit! The Snack Stacker is perfect for us! I can use it to pack Noah's lunch for preschool in the fall or it will be perfect for picnics or just packing snacks for errands. The Melissa and Doug puzzle couldn't be more welcome in this house! Every single puzzle we own has farm animals. All of them! So a color/fish puzzle is definitely welcome and the quality of Melissa and Doug can't be beat! The GoGo applesauce pouches are a favorite around here and I regularly buy them already. I'm so excited to try the Postagram app! Is it sad that I may just send them to myself? I'm not so sure about the cold packs. I would have rather had a reusable one we can keep in the freezer. I have stashed the box we received away in the medicine cabinet. We have one already that we've never used.

The total value of this box is just under $40. That's a steal considering the most a subscriber pays for a box is $25. Depending your subscription, boxes cost anywhere from $21-$25 a month. You can get your first month for only $12.50 when you use coupon code TAKEHALF! Can you imagine getting this awesome box with $40 worth of stuff for only $12.50? STEAL! It's not too late to sign up so you too can receive a monthly box! You can cancel at any time, so I really suggest trying it for at least a month. You can't beat that introductory price!

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