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Diapers that Rock! {Rock-a-bums Review}

So, I'm pretty much a cloth diaper snob. I'm hesitant to try new brands. I want to buy quality, well-known diapers. Well, let me tell you, this snob is in love! I have a new favorite diaper in my stash! Rock-a-bums sent me a 5-in-1 diaper and this baby is a game changer! I need more!

The Rock-a-bums 5-in-1 diaper is exactly what it says! There are 5 ways to use this diaper. So if you're an all-in-one lover, you'll love it! Like pockets? Works for you too! All-in-two? Check! Just diaper covers? Done! Hybrids? Yes, please! Check out the pictures below for all the ways you can use this amazing diaper.

Now, you may say you don't need to be able to use one diaper five different ways. Well, let me tell you the advantage to this. When I started cloth diapering, I loved pocket diapers. I built my stash mainly out of pockets. I loved doing diaper laundry and stuffing pockets. Then, one day, the newness wore off. My pockets sat on the drying rack for days waiting to be stuffed. I hated doing it! Eventually, I sold the majority of my pockets and move to all-in-ones. That was a lot of work to sell those diapers and I lost money too.

Another great thing about the versatility of this diaper is that it's adaptable at a moment's notice. For the 4th of July we went to a cookout. I had my diaper bag stashed full of AIOs. I had no idea there would be a pool for the kids. My poor toddler wanted in too and I didn't have a swim diaper. My husband wanted to put him in cloth and unfortunately the only thing I had was AIOs with me. My toddler had a blast, but spent the day dripping water from between his legs. The AIO had soaked up all the pool water and was leaking like crazy. If only I had brought my Rock-a-bums! I could have removed the insert and voila! Swim diaper to the rescue!

Rock-a-bums are a one-size diaper with a snap down rise. You can choose either a snap or aplix closure. Currently, Rock-a-bums come in three colors (white, red, and black) with coordinating snaps. The outer shell is made of PUL and lined with 100% polyester that is grey! The grey lining looks awesome! Each diaper comes with two microfiber snap in inserts. They are topped with a grey polyester lining. This lining makes the insert usable as a soaker against your baby's skin.

The fit of this diaper is amazing! I love the way my toddler looks when wearing his Rock-a-bums! It is a very trim fitting diaper and both the legs and the back elastic create a great seal to prevent leaks and blowouts.

You can purchase Rock-a-bums from their website for $16.95.
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