Smart Bottoms Swim Diaper Review {& Giveaway!}

You have 3 choices when it comes to swim diapers for your baby or toddler.

1. Disposable swim diapers
2. Reusable swim diaper
3. Pocket cloth diaper without inserts

The first option isn't ideal. One package of disposable swim diapers cost as much as one reusable swim diaper which you can use for multiple summers or children. Also, disposable swim diapers don't start fitting until 16 pounds! What are babies under 16 pounds supposed to wear? I am also not a fan of the third option personally. I love my cloth diapers and do everything I can to take care of them so they can be used for future children. The idea of exposing them to chlorine or being scraped against the concrete at the pool doesn't appeal to me. So, reusable swim diapers it is! 

I like to have two swim diapers in our stash each summer. That way, if my toddler poops while we're swimming, we have something to change him into. One of our swim diapers from last summer still fits again this year, but the other didn't. So it was time for a new one! This year we decided to give Smart Bottoms swim diapers a try!

The Smart Bottom swim diapers come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. My toddler is 26 pounds, so we went with the large which fits 24+ pounds according to their website. My toddler is tall, but he is not chunky. I actually think he's pretty lean. So I was disappointed when the large didn't fit around his thighs. I had no problem getting a good fit on the waist and the rest of the diaper was a bit baggy, but the legs just didn't work.

The diaper has 3 rows of snaps on each side to adjust sizing. You can tighten or loosen the waist, hips, and legs with 3 adjustments each. Even on the largest size the diaper pinched his thighs too tight. I tried unsnapping the bottom row of snaps. While it worked, it's not an ideal fit. I really wish that this diaper came in a larger size because I love the print and the side snaps are great!

Below you can see a comparison of the Smart Bottoms swim diaper in large to my Bummis Swimmi in medium. The Smart Bottoms should fit 24+ pounds, while the Bummis is supposed to fit up to 22 pounds. My 26 pound toddler is still fitting his Bummis medium from last summer. Perhaps it's the velcro in the Bummis that makes the difference. 

So, now I'm still in the market for a second swim diaper for this summer. I think I want to give My Swim Baby a try! I hear they run small too, but at least they go up to a size 3T, so I shouldn't have a hard time finding one that fits! We have this My Swim Baby rash guard that has UPV 50+ protection. I'd love to get a matching diaper to go with it! 

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