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Cloth Diaper Story: Melanie M.


My fiance and I have a wonderful baby boy who is six months old. He was born on December 8 and his name is Jace. :)

About Melanie
I am 26 years old and my fiance is 24, we met at West Virginian University.. Go Mountaineers!... We love to watch jeopardy together and go out and play team trivia. We have not chosen a date to get married buy we know we want a January wedding. We live outside of Pittsburgh :) and are in the process of renovating the house my grandmother left me. We are hoping to make our house as green as we can afford. He has just started a job at Highmark and I am looking to get a job at a daycare. I can't stand the thought of being to far from my LO. I have become completely addicted to cloth diapers and I am always looking to add to my collection. It is something I would have never imagined I would be doing but I absolutely love it and have talked two of my friends into cloth diapering also.

How long have you been cloth diapering?
I have been cloth diapering since about a month after birth. I now wish I would have purchased some newborn cloth diapers and started earlier but now I know for when I have another child. 

Why did you choose to cloth diaper?
Mostly because it seemed like a wonderful way to save money. I hated the idea of downing thousands of dollars to just throw something away. And after reading how long the diapers stayed in landfills I made up my mind. The benefits for Jace also were a big influence in our decision making. 

What diapers are in your stash?
We first purchased Charlie Banana and I really enjoy those. They are made very well and I love the fabric. We also have bumGenius 4.0 and Freetimes. However I do wish I would have purchased in snaps instead of aplix. Now I know. And I have recently been adding Moraki to my collection. They are a great fit on our skinny son and I live the absorbency of the hemp inserts.

Favorite diaper in your stash?
Moraki tie dye snaps with hemp insert

Biggest cloth diapering challenge?
Getting my family on board. With each passing day they are accepting my decision more. Also dealing with stains, but that will be better in warmer temperatures when I can sun dry my diapers.

Favorite thing about cloth diapering?
Well the green aspect is great. But I must say the prints are just wonderful and they look adorable on our son :) 

Least favorite thing about cloth diapering?
I don't really dislike anything. Well once I had a stink problem but I stripped them and bought a new detergent and everything has been great. Thank you crunchy clean. :)

Favorite piece of parenting or cloth diaper advice?
Don't give up. Don't let people tell you that you are crazy. They are crazy for spending all of that money on boring and expensive disposables. Once you get into a routine you will love it. I promise!

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