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Thirsties Duo Wrap & Duo Hemp Prefold Review

Thirsties is one of my favorite cloth diapering brands! I have loved every Thirsties product I've ever tried! I've really come to love "old-school" cloth diapers over my modern pockets that I started my stash with. So I was thrilled to receive a prefold and cover from Thirsties. They sent me one of their Duo Wraps and a Duo Hemp Prefold. We've been using these for the past few weeks and just as I expected, I love them!

Duo Wrap Features

  • Leg Gussets for blow-out protection
  • Two Sized system creates a trim, more perfect fit
  • Wipe clean between uses
  • Adorable prints and colors
We are currently using the size 2 Duo Wrap. I always get such a great fit with this cover. It fits so well over all of my prefolds and flats. It's a great cover for both nighttime and daytime use. When Noah was a newborn, we used the size 1 Duo Wrap over our fitteds and it was a great fit! I usually prefer one-size diapers, so I was hesitant to like these because they are a two-size system, but the fit is really great! My one-size covers are needing elastic replacements after almost 2 years of use, but my Thirsties Duo Wraps still have great elastic because they were used for less time. 

Duo Hemp Prefold Features
  • Hemp makes it more absorbent than other cotton prefolds
  • Trim fit
  • Quick drying 
The Duo Hemp Prefold is unlike any other prefold in my stash! It's made out of a jersey hemp blend and is so soft! I use it trifolded which gives us 12 layers of absorbency. The diaper is sewn so that there is an opening between the layers. This makes for quicker dry times. This diaper has been great for my heavy wetter at nighttime!

Thirsties recently updated their website and added a new savings calculator that I love! If you're curious about how much money you can save by switching to cloth diapers, this is a great resource! Below is a screen shot of the savings calculator for using their Hemp Prefold and Duo Wrap combination to diaper your baby. You can diaper your baby with this system for less than $500 and save $1300+! The best part is that that's for only one baby! Reuse your diapers on your other children and save even more!

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