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Disposable inserts for cloth diapers: Flip vs. GroVia

Last week, we tagged along on my husband's business trip. We spent four days in another state. As much as I love my cloth diapers, I did not want to travel with them with no access to laundry facilities. I have plenty of diapers to have lasted the 4 days without washing, but honestly, I didn't want to fly home with 4 days worth of dirty diapers. And handwashing while on vacation? No thank you! So I weighed my options.

Option 1: Disposable diapers
Option 2: GroVia disposable inserts
Option 3: Flip disposable inserts

I have both Flip and GroVia covers in my stash, so I thought this would be a great way to try them out! I had heard mixed reviews on both, so I brought along a stack of disposables as back up.

Flip Disposable inserts:
I decided to give these a try before we left for our trip. My toddler was in the diaper less than an hour and there were major leaks! Eek! I was concerned about taking them with us, but decided maybe it was a fluke and I'd try again. The second time I figured out my mistake was complete user error. I didn't realize you had to fold out the sides. Once I did that, these worked great! They fit beautifully in my Flip covers and I didn't have any problems with bunching or shifting. I like that the insert is slightly bigger than needed. This is great because I just folded the extra part down in the front and it gave me a little more absorbency. My only complaint in these was every single time my toddler pooped it got on the cover. His poops are very much ploppable at this stage and not at all runny. I think it's because the cover is so wide and the PUL is slightly exposed.

Cost: $5.97 for 18, $0.33 each

GroVia Disposable inserts:
These reminded me more of a menstrual pad. The back is lined with a layer that feels like plastic and has two spots of adhesive to attach the insert to the diaper. These look more like a disposable diaper because they have inner gussets. We didn't have any problems with leaks with these and every time my toddler pooped with wearing a GroVia insert, I didn't have to worry about the cover being contaminated.

Cost: $7.99 for 20, $0.39 each

The bottom line:
Both of these were a great option! I really wish that they could have been flushed instead of just thrown away. The GroVia inserts are biodegradable and compostable. Neither one of these options would have worked for us for nighttime. A regular disposable diaper does the job, but neither one of these was absorbent enough for us. I would use both of these again if another ideal opportunity presented itself. Of course, seeing that they are more expensive than disposable diapers, you have to ask yourself what's the important objective for you. I think they are great to have on hand, but then again, I'm not afraid of store brand disposables stashed in the closet either.

Have you ever given hybrid diapers a try?
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