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Cloth Diaper Story: Lainee

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Milo-14 months
Baby girl- (will be arriving in the next 3 weeks!! yikes!)

About Lainee
My husband and I got pregnant with our first fairly quickly after getting married and we became pregnant with our second 6 months after our first was born.  Phew! It's been a whirlwind the past few years, but oh how I wouldn't change it.  :)

How long have you been cloth diapering?
3 months..... Well we tried when Milo was a newborn but were very misinformed and had the wrong style of diaper for us... So we quit.  When he turned a year, I had a gracious friend nudge us to try again.

Why did you choose to cloth diaper?
With another one arriving very soon, and since I won't be working we needed to tighten the budget.  Cloth diapers were one area we could save money.

What diapers are in your stash?
bumGenius and Happy Heinys

Favorite diaper in your stash?
bumGenius 4.0 pocket

Biggest cloth diapering challenge?
Getting rid of the ammonia smell.  Just tried Funk Rock detergent...and I think it finally worked!!

Favorite thing about cloth diapering?
They are cute, comfy, and I feel good about putting my babies in them!

Least favorite thing about cloth diapering?
Does anyone like getting rid of the poo?

Favorite piece of parenting or cloth diaper advice?
Snuggle, snuggle, snuggle.  They won't be little forever.  I cherish all the snuggly moments I have with my Milo.

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