Baby Jogger Boot Camp: The Final Countdown!

Two days! That's it! On Saturday morning I'll be running my first 5k! I don't think I could be any more prepared than I am. Do I feel 100% ready? No. Do I think I would feel more ready if I had more time to train? No.  This is one of those times when I'm just going to have to jump in and go with it! I've got everything I need to succeed!

So now, my only question for you is what do I eat? What am I supposed to eat the night before and what do I eat for breakfast? Help! And please wish me luck because I certainly think I need it!


  1. Go with high protein, some healthy carbs, and no sugar for breakfast! Good luck, and have fun!

  2. You will do fantastic! You have worked hard to get to this point so be sure to enjoy all of the work you have put into it. And good luck!

  3. I wouldn't worry to much about what you eat the night before. You really want to load up if you are doing 10+ miles but for a 5K you should be fine with a nice breakfast.

    Personally, I have a small bowl of oatmeal and peanut butter toast or toast with honey. You could also do a protein shake on the drive there.

    Good luck!!!! I hope you catch the running bug!!!!

  4. Eat whatever you normally eat. Go light if you have any concerns. You'll have some nerves before race and it's best not to go on a full tummy :). I used to run lots of 5ks in high school and my rule was no food 3 hours before race time. That is WAY conservative - but whatever you do, don't try something new race day morning.

  5. Oh, wishing you tons of luck! You will do great! Dress in layers and have fun!


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