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Baby Jogger Boot Camp: Excuses, excuses!

Only 16 more days until my big 5k! This week was not good for my training (again). My husband had a work trip this week in Dallas and the toddler and I tagged along. We flew and the stroller was just too big to bring with us. Super sad because I would have loved running around a new city! That would have been fun to explore! We brought along our umbrella stroller for ease at the airport and I missed my Baby Jogger stroller so much!

Before we left town, I tried to get a couple runs in. The weather has decided to finally act normal and it was HOT! This was one of my major excuses against running before. Just imagine me whining "it's too hot!" Well, my poor husband gets to hear a lot of that in the summer with anything that involves being outdoors and not immersed myself in water.

The combination of the heat and the running left me exhausted! Running feels harder when it's hot! I'm glad the 5k is in the early morning before the sun completely takes over! I think there's lots of shade on the route too. Running with a water bottle has become a must. I find myself needing it about half way through.

When we get back from our run, the last thing I want to do is fidget folding up a stroller. The Baby Jogger Summit X3 has to be the easiest stroller to fold ever! I can do it one handed, while drinking my water! How nice is that? I've posted a video below. It really is effortless!

I've got some serious work to do over the next 16 days! Crunch time!

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