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Baby Jogger Boot Camp: Choosing a jogging stroller

Prior to this series and owning the Summit X3, I wasn't a runner. Well, I take that back. I was trying to be. When my husband could coerce me we would go out for walks or jogs with our umbrella stroller. Last summer I tried to do the Couch to 5k program, but quickly gave up. I used not having a great stroller as an excuse. So when Pish Posh Baby sent me the Baby Jogger Summit X3 that excuse was no longer valid. Believe me, I have tons of other excuses, but this stroller is so awesome, it helps keep me motivated!

This week, my excuse has been rain. We've had a lot of it lately and always at the time when it's convenient for me to go for a run. Last week I announced that I had signed up for my first 5k.  It's only 3 weeks away and I am not anywhere near being ready. I don't think I'll ever be fully ready. Running this 5k is going to have to be one of those things I just do. Isn't that what Nike says? Just do it! So I'm going to! I'll do my best at training over the next 3 weeks and when the 5k gets here, I'll do it, ready or not.

If you've been thinking about running, but need some motivation (hint, hint: an awesome jogging stroller), I can't recommend the Summit X3 enough! Of course, I don't have any other experience! I have runner friends that love their Bob strollers. The Mom Reps at Pish Posh Baby are a great place to start if you're trying to find the right fit for you. You can call them and chat over the phone or even use the handy chat feature on their website.

Be sure to check out my Pinterest board with some of my favorite strollers at Pish Posh Baby! They have such a great selection! I'd love to get a new everyday stroller!

Do you have your eye on a new stroller? What stroller are you hoping to own?

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