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Diapers for Daddies Giveaway - Blogger Sign ups!

Sign-ups are now open for the Diapers for Daddies Giveaway 
hosted by the Cheerful Homemaker and Cloth Diaper Revival blogs! 

Diapers for Daddies
June 3-17
BumGenius Freetimes 
& a Hip Dad T-shirt from Green Team Enterprises

Cost: $2 per link

How it works:
Each blogger will pay $2 per link to be posted on the Rafflecopter form. All money collected will go towards the price of a BumGenius Freetime. We will buy as many Freetimes as we can! The more bloggers that sign up, the more Freetimes we can giveaway! The first Freetime diaper has been sponsored by the host blogs.

$2 per link to be paid via PayPal to Be sure to send the payment as a gift or marked to "family and friends".

Sign-ups close on May 24th. 

Participating bloggers will receive an email with the Rafflecopter code and HTML to be placed on their blogs during the giveaway. You can expect your email the week of May 29th. 

Please fill out the form below and email Jenny if you have any questions!

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