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Cloth Diaper Story: Michaela

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I have 2 babies: baby girl, 3 years and baby boy, 3 months

About Michaela

I'm a stay at home momma. :) I am currently learning to sew my own diapers.

How long have you been cloth diapering?
I have been 100% full time cloth diapering for a month and a half, part time for a month before that.

Why did you choose to cloth diaper?
I chose to cloth diaper mainly to saving money. I also like the fact that I'm not contributing to massive piles of diapers in landfills.

What diapers are in your stash?
I have a majority of OsoCozy flats in my stash. For covers, I have two one-size Flip, Econobum, Pooters, and some sized real nappies. For daddy and grandparent friendly diapers, I have a few pocket diapers: bumgenius and sunbaby.

Favorite diaper in your stash?
My favorite diaper is a flat with our green Flip cover (with hook and loop closure)

Biggest cloth diapering challenge?
The biggest cloth diaper challenge so far is not buy all the super cute diapers out there!

Favorite thing about cloth diapering?

I love all the colors and prints. it's sad to have to put him in clothes because his diapers are so cute.

Least favorite thing about cloth diapering?
Finding an easy and effective wash routine was my least favorite part.

Favorite piece of parenting or cloth diaper advice?
Don't stress too much on nightime cloth diapering. When I first started I was super worried about it. Everything I had read online made it seem like a huge hassle and it's really not.

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