Back to Basics: Cloth Diaper Accessories

There are many accessories available with cloth diapers. Some of them are optional, while others are necessary.

Wet Bag: a waterproof bag to store your dirty diapers either at home or on the go! Comes in many different sizes. Brands: Planet Wise, GroVia, KangaCare

Pail Liner: a waterproof liner for your diaper pail. Can be used instead of a wet bag at home. Brands: Planet Wise, Kissaluvs, BumGenius

Cloth Diaper Safe rash cream: Many mainstream diaper creams (Desitin, A & D, etc) are not considered cloth diaper safe. You'll need a cloth diaper safe cream to protect your diapers.  Brands: CJ's Butter, Grandma El's, and GroVia

Cloth Wipes: You've made the switch to cloth diapers, so why not make the switch to cloth wipes. Plan for 1 wipe per diaper change. Brands: Thirsties, itti bitti, BumGenius

Wipes Solution: Something to moisten your wipes! You can choose a spray solution or wipe bits that are melted and poured over your dry wipes. Brands: Ruby Moon, BumGenius, Thirsties

Snappi: Modern diaper closure for prefold and flat diapers. Easy to use and no worry about sticking yourself with a pin! Brands: Snappi and Boingo

Flushable liners: Help catch the solid waste. Flush away the liner and the waste at each diaper change. Brands: EcoSprout and Bummis

Fleece liners: create a stay-dry feeling when using diapers with natural fibers. Also can be used as a barrier when using diaper creams. Brands: BummisBumGenius

Doublers: Help boost the absorbency in your diapers. Very trim! Brands: Hemp Babies and Thirsties

Diaper Sprayer: an attachment that hooks onto your toilet to spray away the waste. Brands: Knickernappies, BumGenius, Blueberry

Sprayer Extras: Help keep the messes away when spraying diapers! Brands: Spray Pal and Diaper Dawgs (coming soon)

Stain Treatment: Stains happen, but that doesn't mean your diapers aren't clean! The sun is an awesome way to get rid of stains. If you are finding that you can't sun try the Buncha Farmers Stain Stick.

What cloth diaper accessory is a must in your stash?

Updated 5.29.2014

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