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Baby Jogger Boot Camp: When do you start loving it?

This post is part of a series on the Baby Jogger Summit X3 and my experiences in training for a 5k. This post is sponsored by PishPoshBaby. I was provided with a Baby Jogger Summit X3 for review purposes. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

Running strollerWeek one is complete! I did it! A whole week! Well, not exactly. I ran 3 days in the week. I tried to be sure to go for a walk every other day to keep me going. I have lots of friends that love running. My mom used to be a runner. She loved it too. So what am I missing? I've heard that it just "clicks" one day. All of a sudden, running is not something you dread, but something you need. I'd love to be that person, but this week was not the week it happened for me!

The first day of running, I thought "oh this sucks, but I can do it!" By day two, I was whining, but still going. Day three was full of "I can't do it!" I even walked one of my run intervals because I was just so beat! It definitely helps having my husband tag along! He keeps me motivated and accountable. My toddler loves the time in the stroller and seeing all the neighborhood dogs, trucks, and kids playing basketball. I've found that water is a must for me while jogging. During my walk intervals, I drink just enough to keep me going. I definitely couldn't run without a bottle of water!

jogging strollerThis stroller is making life a million times easier! My old stroller was just not made for running. When I would get to a curb when crossing the street, I'd have to slow down and cautiously push my child up onto the sidewalk. With the Baby Jogger Summit X3, I can just barrel though! It's awesome! No slowing down means I don't have to worry about losing momentum! The Summit X3 has a 3 wheel independent suspension. The front wheel smooths the ride when going over bumps and the rear wheels work independently to absorb the shock. This makes it so much easier for me to keep going!

I loved all the comments I got on my last post! I'm currently looking for a 5k that I want to run! There are lots of them to sign up for, but I'm hoping to find one that supports a cause that I'm passionate about! Maybe one day I'll organize a cloth diaper 5k! My question for you this week, is how many of you love running? Will it be something that just kicks in for me eventually?

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