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Baby Jogger Boot Camp Week 2 • Running Sucks, but running partners don't!

This post is part of a series on the Baby Jogger Summit X3 and my experiences in training for a 5k. This post is sponsored by PishPoshBaby. I was provided with a Baby Jogger Summit X3 for review purposes. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

Okay, so I admit it...running sucks! I'm not a fan! This is hard! It's been a rough couple of weeks and life has really gotten in the way of my training, so I'm sure that doesn't help. I had to take quite a few days off of running due to home improvement projects, rain, and a death in my family. So when I tried to pick back up this week it was tough! I mean really tough!

I've learned that a running partner is a must for me. My dear, sweet husband has been my partner and he's great! It's funny, we used to try to workout together at the gym and it was a nightmare. We always ended up fighting and I never wanted to listen to him. Running together is different. He motivates me and keeps me going! I tried to run a few times by myself, but when I get tired and discouraged, I start walking. When he is with me, he keeps me focused and on task. No giving up! This is hard of course, when he is working full time. I still need to run during the week while he's at work.

Even though, I may not be enjoying my run training, my toddler is loving the Baby Jogger Summit X3 stroller. He is so comfortable in this stroller! I don't mind taking him out when the sun is beaming because the canopy really keeps him covered! There are multiple ways to use the canopy for as much or as little sun protection as needed.

 I also love that I can peek at him through the top. There are two windows that can be opened or closed to see you child or baby. There are also side vents on the canopy to allow air flow. Which is great for hot days and a sleeping toddler!

Another great feature that provides awesome comfort for my toddler is the recline. The Summit X3 has a fully reclining seat! I'm so jealous that my toddler has the option to lay completely back while I am working so hard at running! It's not fair!

Do you have a running partner or does running alone work for you?

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