KaWaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter Features & Giveaway!

Have you tried Kawaii diapers? Are you searching high and low for an affordable nighttime solution? Courtney from Over the Moon Diapers wants to share with you her nighttime solution, Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter (GNHW)! 

Features of the Kawaii GNHW:
  • Triple-coated PUL
  • Really roomy pocket lets you stuff it very full
  • Inside "tummy panel" to prevent leaks in that area, particularly for tummy sleepers
  • KaWaii indicates 8-35 lbs, but this is a big diaper. I'd recommend waiting until 12 or 15 lbs.
  • Includes two microfiber inserts
  • Made in China and has a 60-day warranty
  • Retails for $11.95
Thoughts from Courtney at Over the Moon:
My first reaction to this product was that there's no way this inexpensive made-in-China diaper with microfiber inserts could solve my overnight cloth diapering woes. However, I wanted to bring in some diapers at a lower price point to Over the Moon, and the prints are irresistibly cute, so I bought one from my store to try it on my 13-month-old. At first I triple stuffed them with some cotton/hemp inserts, and my poor son's diaper was just HUUUUUGE (but it didn't leak). However, every time I triple stuffed it, in the morning I would remove the inserts to find the front part soaked and back part completely dry. So I got smart about it, so what I'd like to share with your readers is my awesome overnight stuffing trick - take your inserts, make a T, and wrap one around the other in the wet zone. Ta-da! You get 3 or 4 layers in the wet zone with just 1 layer in back!

You can purchase a Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter from Over the Moon diapers for $11.95. But wait! That's a steal because this diaper is actually worth more! If you use the cow print diaper shown above at Chick-fil-a on Customer Appreciation Day, you'll get a free meal! What's better than showing off an adorable cloth diaper AND getting to eat for free? You can also use coupon code REVIVAL for 10% off any Kawaii product at Over the Moon! 


  1. Great tip about stuffing this way! I had been using disposables at night because I had this notion that I wasn't going to be able to find a solution for my boy that eats a lot and wets a lot at night. Well, after leaking through two disposables a night for 3 nights in a row, I finally pulled out my Kawaii diapers, double stuffed, and we've had dry nights ever since! Love them!

  2. I just ordered two of these diapers to have on hand when our little man outgrows his newborn diapers. Thanks for the tip!!

  3. I really hope to win one of these I have heard they are AWESOME!

  4. Did OvertheMoonDiapers page get removed from facebook?

  5. I can't find Over the Moon's FB page either. Sometimes pages have a location restriction set and will only appear to users in a particular country (US only). I'm in Canada. How do I enter?

  6. We use the kawaii cloth diapers- they seem to work better than everything we have tried =)


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