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I'm breaking up with my pocket diapers

I've heard pocket diapers are the gateway to cloth diapering. Maybe that's true. At one time the majority of our stash was pockets. We invested in 18 Fuzzibunz one-size at one time. I used to love doing cloth diaper laundry. Stuffing diapers wasn't a chore, but something I actually liked doing. It may sound crazy, but surely some of you can relate.

I went from loving my pockets to thinking they were okay. I didn't mind them. A new pocket diaper was welcome in my stash, but recently I've changed my mind. My pocket diapers have become the last diapers I reach for in my stash. When I do use them, they tend to spend days on our drying rack because I just don't want to stuff them. It's become a chore.

Last week, BumGenius announced two new adorable prints. They are so cute and I love them, but there's one problem. They are only going to be sold as 4.0s (pockets). So sadly, I will never own an Irwin or Maathai. I stashed away most of our Fuzzibunz stash into an empty drawer in the nursery. I've slowly been selling off our other pockets. I'll wash one, see it hanging on the rack, and on a whim decide it's time for that diaper to go. This week, the lucky diaper was a Knickernappies one-size in Ooga Booga.

If I had it to do all over again, my stash would be full of prefolds and flats with covers and a few all-in-ones. Our stash is pretty large, so I can afford to destash a few diapers. I haven't really been replacing them with new diapers either.

Do you still love your pocket diapers? What's your favorite style of cloth diapers?

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