Back to Basics: Hybrid Diapers

Hybrid diapers are the perfect diapers for families that love the convenience of disposable diapers, but want the benefits of cloth! A typical hybrid system includes a diaper cover or shell with both cloth and disposable insert options. Hybrid systems are great for travel or using cloth diapers at home and disposable on the go!There are a few different options on the market. Here's a breakdown to help you choose!

The Flip system made by Cotton Babies (the makers of BumGenius) have a great system. The diaper covers are one-size and fit from 7-35 pounds. These covers can be used apart from the diapering system as a general diaper cover.  $13.95

Insert Options

    Flip Diapers
  • Stay Dry: A microfiber insert topped with a layer of suede cloth to keep your baby feeling dry. This is a one-size insert that can be folded down to fit your baby. $4.99
  • Organic Daytime: Single layer, organic cotton insert. Fold in thirds to fit inside the cover. $18.99/3 pack
  • Organic Overnight: Layers of organic cotton that need to be folded into thirds and laid inside the cover. Similar design to a prefold. $22.95/2 pack
  • Newborn Stay Dry: Smaller, microfiber insert topped with suede cloth to keep your baby feeling dry. Can be used as a doubler with other inserts to boost absorbency. $11.95/6 pack
  • Disposable: A dye and frangrance free disposable option. Just toss the insert into the garbage and replace! $5.97/18 pack

The hybrid system created by GroVia includes a shell that fits from 8-30 pounds. The inside of the shell is lined with mesh to allow your baby's skin to breathe. Each shell has a snap inside for snapping in the cloth inserts. $16.95

Insert Options

    GroVia Diapers
  • Stay Dry Soakers: A hemp/cotton blend topped with microfleece to leave your baby feeling dry and a waterproof backing to prevent leaks. Each soaker contains leg gussets to prevent leaks. $17.95/2 pack
  • Organic Cotton Soakers: An organic cotton soaker lined with a waterproof layer to prevent leaks. This insert also contains leg gussets. $18.95/2 pack
  • Prefold: A bamboo prefold that needs to be folded into thirds and laid inside the shell. This is a sized insert that comes in four sizes. $16/3 pack
  • BioSoakers: The disposable option from GroVia is fragrance, dye, plastic, and chlorine free. There is a sticky backing for adhering to shells or underwear for potty training purposes. $7.99/20 pack

This system may be the one you can find easiest at your local store. gDiapers are commonly found in Babies R Us. The covers, called gPants, are sized cotton covers that fasten using velcro in the back. You will need to purchase new gPants as your baby grows. $17.99

Insert Options

  • Cloth: The cloth inserts are made from a hemp/cotton blend and lined with a layer of microfleece to keep your baby dry. The inserts come in two sizes. $32.99/6 pack
  • Disposable: The disposable inserts from gDiapers are flushable, biodegradable, and can be composted (when wet only). The inserts come in two sizes. $14.99/40 pack (small) or 32 pack (medium/large)

For more information and a comparison on disposable diaper inserts for hybrid diapers, check out this post.


  1. I have a Best Bottoms Hybrid and two inserts I really think I like the versatility of Hybrids, with or with out the insert in many cased (Like the flips) it seems that you could put and fitted or prefold or insert into the covers as long as they fit! I love the idea of the Biodegradable inserts for long day trips of if we go on a overnight! easier to store a couple dirty covers than several dirty diapers !

  2. I also have best bottom diapers! They make up most of my stash and I really love them! I do have the bb inserts but I use my flip and lalabye inserts in them as well! I use prefolds sometimes too!

  3. Hybrid fitted diapers are pretty interesting to use. This leak-free cloth diaper is very much suitable for babies compared to the disposable ones. One can also choose different colors and designs for more fancy usage. What I like most about using this kind is that, this saves us from tons of garbage and landfills that cause too much pollution in the environment.



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