Favorite Things: Ruby Moon Wipe Bits

Welcome to Day 3 of the 2013 Favorite Things Giveaway! Each day I will be showcasing one of ten products that have been a favorite for me over the last year! After the last post has been published, a giveaway post will follow! You will have a chance to win a prize package that contains everything from the 2013 Favorite Things Series, valued at over $200! You can see what was up for grabs last year and read about the 2012 Favorite Things here.

Favorite Things No. 3
Yesterday I shared about my love of Thirsties Fab Wipes and today I'm going to tell you about my favorite wipes solution, Ruby Moon Wipe Bits!

Ruby Moon Wipe Bits are made with goat's milk soap. They smell amazing and create a soft moisturizing barrier on my wipes. I dissolve two bits into two cups of hot water and pour them over my wipes in the wipes warmer. I even keep some in a spray bottle to use with dry wipes in the diaper bag.

You can of course make your own wipes solution, but I find these very affordable and the bag seems to last a very long time! Some parents prefer to just use water on their wipes. I don't like doing this. I feel like the best way to keep my child's diaper area clean in between changes and baths is to use the solution. If I had an accident, I wouldn't want to just clean myself with plain water.

One of my favorite things about these wipe bits is that they can be used for other purposes! Drop a couple bits in your bath water for a relaxing bath and soft skin! You can even use them for hand soap.

Ruby Moon is giving you the chance to win a bag of Wipe Bits in the Favorite Things Giveaway! It will be included with all of the other prizes in the series! Coming soon!

Can't wait to win it? You can purchase a bag of Wipe Bits from Ruby Moon for $6.95. They also have laundry detergent that is save to use on cloth diapers! Use coupon code CLOTHDIAPERREVIVAL and save 15% on your total order! 

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