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Favorite Things: Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag

Welcome to Day 5 of the 2013 Favorite Things Giveaway! Each day I will be showcasing one of ten products that have been a favorite for me over the last year! After the last post has been published, a giveaway post will follow! You will have a chance to win a prize package that contains everything from the 2013 Favorite Things Series, valued at over $200! You can see what was up for grabs last year and read about the 2012 Favorite Things here.

Favorite Things No. 5
One of my favorite cloth diapering accessories is from Planet Wise! I love all of my Planet Wise products (and I have quite a few of them!). I have pail liners and wet bags from Planet Wise, but if I were to choose one item that is my favorite, it would by my Hanging Wet/Dry Bag!

We use this bag a lot! It's the perfect size for traveling with your cloth diapers. We visit my family a lot. They only live a couple hours away, so we make frequent weekend trips. Cloth diapers are something we like to bring with us. The first time we traveled with our cloth, we loaded the whole diaper pail into the car with us! I didn't know what else to do. None of our wet bags were big enough to hold a weekend's worth of diapers. Then, I discovered the hanging wet/dry bag. This bag is huge! It holds about 20 or so diapers. Perfect for a weekend away!

The bag has two pockets. The main pocket is the "wet" pocket. It is lined with PUL and this is where you would store all of the soiled diapers. The other pocket, the "dry" section, is a zipper pocket in the front. It is not lined with PUL. I like to store all of our clean diapers in there for traveling purposes and then unpack them when we get to our destination. The top zips closed to keep all smells out and I've never had issues with leaks! I love the durable handles at the top, perfect for hanging on a door knob!

Why I love it!
Large enough to be a diaper pail
Perfect for a short trip away from home
No leaks
Contains smells
Hangs on doorknobs
Adorable prints!

Nicki's Diapers is giving you the chance to win your own Hanging Wet/Dry Bag from Planet Wise! This prize will be included in the Favorite Things Giveaway coming soon! Follow along for your chance to win!

Can't wait to win and want to purchase one for yourself? You can buy a Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag from Nicki's Diapers for $29.99. Nicki's offers free shipping on all Planet Wise products! Use coupon code REVIVAL for 5% off your purchase!

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