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Favorite Things: Eco Sprout Eco-Bottom Liners

Welcome to Day 4 of the 2013 Favorite Things Giveaway! Each day I will be showcasing one of ten products that have been a favorite for me over the last year! After the last post has been published, a giveaway post will follow! You will have a chance to win a prize package that contains everything from the 2013 Favorite Things Series, valued at over $200! You can see what was up for grabs last year and read about the 2012 Favorite Things here.

Favorite Things No. 4
I'll admit, I love having a diaper sprayer! Many parents cloth diaper successfully without one. Sure, it can be done. However, I'm confident that the money we spent on ours was well worth it! So when we travel, I hate being away from my sprayer! It was really handy when I convinced both of my sisters-in-law to cloth diaper. Once they were on board, they both installed sprayers in their house. Super handy for when we were visiting! But there are times when we don't have access to a sprayer. We frequently take weekend trips to visit my parents. No sprayer. My husband Chas particularly hates this. He always has to deal with the poop. My parents have a lot of land out in the country. So Chas takes the diapers outside and sprays them with a garden hose. Did I mention how much he hates this? So when the Holidays rolled around we knew we'd be traveling a lot. Chas was not thrilled with the idea of not having access to a sprayer most of the month and we decided to give disposable liners a try!

Oh my goodness! They are amazing! I don't know why we didn't try them sooner! We use Eco Sprout Eco-Bottom Liners now whenever we travel or take a day trip away from home. They fit perfectly inside our diapers and catch the majority of the poop! When we don't have our sprayer, we can just slide the liner and the poop straight into the toilet and flush! The diaper goes in the wet bag. Easy!

The liners don't always catch all of the poop, but it does a great job and getting the majority. Also, if the waste is less than solid or slightly liquid, it can seep through the liner. I have been using them inside every diaper while we're away from home and without access to a sprayer. Sometimes the diaper will just be wet. In those instances, we just flush the liner away. There have been a few times that the liner gets left in the diaper and thrown into the wet bag. Then it gets washed with the liner in it. It's not a super inconvenience, but you can see in the pictures below what happens.

Overall, I really love these liners! Since we aren't using them for every diaper change on a regular basis, one roll is lasting us a very long time!

Eco Sprout is giving you the chance to win a roll of 100 liners! You can enter to win a roll of Eco Sprout Eco-Bottom Liners in the Favorite Things Giveaway {coming soon}!

Can't wait to win it? You can purchase a roll of liners from Eco Sprout for $8.95! Eco Spout also sells cloth diaper detergent!

Do you use diaper liners? How do you deal with the poop when you're away from your sprayer for extended periods of time?

All opinions in this post are my own. I received a package of diaper liners for reviewing purposes.

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