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Back to Basics: Dealing with Stains

At some point or another you will experience stains in your cloth diapers. It's just the name of the game when dealing with poop. Not every diaper stains as badly as another and not every diaper change will result in stains. A stain on a cloth diaper does not mean the diaper is not clean.

Here are some ways to help you deal with the stains:

Rinse. Spray out your diapers before throwing them in the pail. Rinsing away the waste will help prevent the stains from setting in.

Wash Often! The longer your diapers sit in the pail, the more time the stains have time to set in. Washing every 2-3 days is best.

Sun! Sun is a natural bleach! Hang you diapers in the sun and let the rays do their magic! It may take a few rounds of sun exposure to get the stain completely gone or faded. Soaking wet items seem to do better. If it's too cold to put your diapers outside, put them in a window with sun exposure.

Lemon Juice. Squeeze some lemon juice on the stain before sunning.

Ignore them! This is my go to method when I encounter stains in my diapers. Eventually the stains will fade on their own with no treatment.

How do you deal with stains on your cloth diapers?

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