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Real Life Cloth Diapering: Cloth Diapers & the WAHM

This post is included in a series of posts about real parents cloth diapering in a variety of life situations. You can read about parents that work full time, cloth diaper without a washing machine, cloth diaper part time and more! Stay tuned for more Real Life Cloth Diapering Stories from parents like you!

I've always been an eco-conscious person, recycling as much as possible and choosing a vehicle with low emissions and high fuel economy. So naturally, when I became a parent I wanted to try cloth diapers. Our oldest son was 18 months when we adopted him so I set out to find a stash that would work for a toddler. I unfortunately did not do my research, ended up with leaky diapers and gave up after a month. I had decided cloth diapering just wasn't for me after all.

So when I became pregnant with my second I just assumed I would be using disposables. I got a ton of them at my baby shower and was ready to go! Once my chicken nugget was born we soon realized that EVERY brand of disposable gave him an awful rash. I had no idea what to do. Luckily fate had my back because when he was just 2 months old I met another mother that happened to sell cloth diapers! She gave me a private consultation and I was soon versed in everything fluff. Flats, Prefolds, AIO, AI2....who knew there were so many different options? There is something for every budget and every schedule. 

I'm a busy lady; I run 2 businesses, one selling jewelry and the other planning and coordinating events, as well as an avid blogger, crafter and most importantly full time mom to two boys under 3. So I needed something convenient. I decided on Blueberry pocket diapers for several reasons. 1. The fleece liner wicks moisture away from my little guy's sensitive skin, no more diaper rash! 2. They have the convenience of an all in one because it's a new diaper for every changing, but less expensive. 3. They were one size so I could use the same stash for both boys saving me even more money. and 4. I could stuff in a doubler to use them overnight for my big guy. 

I bought a stash of 30 to use with both of them, with this number I only had to do one extra load of diapers a day. Even I had time for that. It was easy with my HE washer, I just set it for an extra wash and rinse and let it do the hard work. Then I hang the covers on a folding drying rack and throw the inserts in the dryer for about an hour. Super easy! I must admit when I fell behind and needed a diaper ASAP I have put the covers in the dryer with the dryer on low. The manufacturer does not recommend this because it could possibly melt the PUL but I got lucky and mine were fine. I also used to stuff my diapers every morning but with the holidays I was just stuffing as I went or on the one day a week the sitter comes. They look so nice when they are neat, folded and put away but sometimes more important things just have to be done. 

Since then I have bought quite a few more diapers (and with all of the cute prints its hard not to) bringing my total stash to 40. With my expanded stash and big guy potty trained with the exception of overnight I can push the laundry to every 2-3 days. 

I'm really glad I decided to give cloth another try. It saved me a lot of money compared to disposables, we have no more diaper rash, and we are doing our part to save the environment. The only downside I can see is how addicting it is. I love getting new prints and designs to show off.

Chanisa writes at City Girl/Hippie Mom and is the mother of two little boys. She is passionate about baby wearing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping and extended breast feeding. You can join Chanisa on Facebook.

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