OsoCozy Fitted Diapers Review

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Are you looking for a low cost fitted diaper? How about a nighttime solution for a heavy wetter? Keep reading to learn more about the OsoCozy Fitted Cotton diaper and enter for your chance to win!

OsoCozy Fitted Features
OsoCozy fitted diapers are a trim fitting sized diaper. They come in two sizes, small or large. The small fits from 7-18 lbs. and the large fits from 15-35 lbs. The diaper is made from 100% unbleached birdseye cotton. There are four layers throughout the whole diaper and eight layers in the center, also known as the wet zone. For added absorbency, there is an attached flap that fits the length of the diaper that provides four more layers for the center area. This makes 12 layers in the center alone!  There are crossover snaps to provide a good fit.  You will need to use a cover with this diaper. 


We have been using this diaper as an overnight solution for the past few months. I like to fold the flap in half and create 16 layers of cotton right up front for my son for overnight use. The absorbency is great! The whole diaper would be soaked after 15 hours of straight nighttime sleep, but the diaper was able to hold up to task as is, without any boosters or doublers. 

Issues I ran into
Covers: I tried using this with my Flip covers, Blueberry covers, and my Babee Greens wool cover. I had a hard time getting a good seal around the diaper with the Flip cover. My Flips were completely unsnapped to allow for the largest setting. I usually had issues getting the cover to fit around the thigh/leg area. If not covered properly, there were leaks. The Blueberry and Babee Greens covers but fit very well over this diaper. 

Wing Droop: On the rare occurrence that we used this as a daytime diaper or let my son run around in this diaper without a cover before bed, I had issues with wing droop. This was not a problem while sleeping. Once I adjusted the snaps I did not experience any issues. 

Wetness: This is not an issue with this particular diaper, but with all fitted diapers. Fitted diapers are great for absorbency because the diaper absorbs using the whole entire diaper. This means that the part wrapped around your baby's waist will be soaked. I'm not a huge fan of having to unsnap and touch a saturated diaper in the morning. If you are used to fitteds or pinned prefolds or flats, this will not bother you.
What I love!
  • Absorbent: This diaper is very absorbent and holds up well for overnights.
  • Soft: The cotton on this diaper is incredibly soft. Even after multiple washings.
  • Trim
  • Great quality: Snaps are strong
  • Adaptable: Can boost absorbency by folding the flap. 
  • Easy to care for: Cotton is one of the easiest diaper fabrics to take care of. 
  • Affordable: At $7.50, this is a low cost fitted diaper with great results!

What I don't love...
  • Sized: Not a one size diaper. Would have to buy for multiple sizes. 
  • May not work with all diaper covers
Final Thoughts...
If you are looking for an affordable nighttime solution or low cost fitteds, this is a wonderful solution!

Buy one!
You can purchase an OsoCozy Birdseye Fitted diaper for $7.50 from Kelly's Closet.

Win one!
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All opinions in this review are my own. I was provided with three OsoCozy fitted diapers for reviewing purposes, but did not receive any form of monetary payment.