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My Favorite Things!

I started this blog almost exactly a year ago! To get the blog rolling and to find some readers I kicked off with the Favorite Things Giveaway! Does anyone remember? How many of you have been around that long? I didn't know a thing about blogging or getting sponsors, but my dear, sweet Aunt Frankie purchased all the prizes!

Favorite Things 2012:
Bamboobies Nursing Pads
Thirsties Fab Wipes
Fuzzibunz Elite
Hemp Babies Doublers
Flip Organics

I'm excited to announce this will be annual giveaway! In a few weeks I'll be announcing the 2013 Favorite Things Giveaway! I already have some of my favorite things lined up and can't wait to announce them! I hope you'll stick around for another year and thank you for reading!

Cloth Diaper Blog Hop 2013What products are you hoping to see in this year's Favorite Things Giveaway? Share in the comments below!

Curious about the favorite cloth diapers from other bloggers? Check out the links below! This is part of a weekly blog hop hosted by My Cloth Diaper Stash.

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